To become a Respected Enterprise for Centuries
  Founded in August 2010, HANGZHOU MDK OPTO ELECTRONICS CO., LTD is located near West Lake, Qiantang River, in the world-famous city, Hangzhou. The Company was listed on the “SSE STAR MARKET” in March 2021 (Stock Code: 688079).
  The Company is a high-tech enterprise principally engaged in the research, manufacturing and sales of optoelectronics, semiconductor optics, semiconductor micro-nano circuit and intelligent terminal. The Company serves global customers with quality products and solutions via a variety of fields including smart phones, security monitoring, machine vision, digital cameras, projectors, smart cars, big health industry, metaverse and other fields.
  The Company steadfastly maintains that science and technology innovation has a vital bearing on the existence and development of enterprises. The Company has an international R&D team with core technologies in precision optics, micro-nano optics, semiconductor optics, semiconductor micro-nano circuit, semiconductor assembly and test, SMT, complete machine manufacturing and other areas. The Company also carries out a series of forward-looking research and layout combined with current industry and market trends.
  The Company wins wide approval from domestic and international customers for its technological development level, technology implementation capacity, product stability, market credibility, deliverability and other merits. The Company has established good business relations cooperating with Kyocera group, Goodix, AMS, Canon, Nikon, Sunny Group, Hikvision, Foxconn, Panasonic, Ricoh, Sony, AGC, Keyence and other well-known enterprises, and has entered the supply chain of Apple, Huawei, Samsung and other known international companies.
  The Company will continue to strengthen science and technology innovation, management innovation on the basis of the existing core technology and high-quality customer resources, constantly introducing new technologies, new products and new applications, while consolidating the advantages of the existing market segments, not forgetting to constantly expand the Company’s business areas. To become a respected enterprise for centuries!
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