CEO’s Speech

   We are in an era of rapid change, and the optical optoelectronics and optical semiconductor industries that MDK is engaged in are rapidly changing. This requires us to continuously promote management changes and innovations, and continue to carry out technological research and progress, thereby promoting the development and upgrading of enterprises.
   Development comes from innovation, and innovation comes from change. We must use the determination of a strong man to break his wrist, the courage to break the boat, and try the courage, let us proactively seek change, rather than passively change.
   "The journey is long, only struggle". In the future, we must continue to work hard without being arrogant or discouraged from defeat. As a technology-based manufacturing company, we must make full use of the large platform of the capital market, continue to increase R&D investment, accelerate industrial upgrading, and continue to introduce new technologies, new products and new applications. On the basis of the company's existing high-quality customer resources, while consolidating the advantages of the existing market segments, it also keeps a close eye on industry (market) development trends and continuously expands the company's business areas. The company will win the trust of customers with high-quality products and services, return investors with good performance, and return society with excellent results.
   We are well aware of the responsibilities on our shoulders, and there is a long way to go...
Chairman: Watts Ge