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  Backlight (Backlight Module) Introduction

        As the third generation of semiconductor lighting source material, LED backlight features advantages as energy saving, longer life, smaller size, safer, non-pollution, faster response, maintenance-free. Therefore it has now become new ideal light source in the world. Backlight is one of the critical components for liquid crystal display (LCD) panel. As liquid crystal itself does produce light, a light source must be added at the backside of the LCD panel for a full color display. Backlight can supply adequate luminosity and flat face light (FFL) of uniform distribution, and therefore LCD can display normal images. Presently, there is a variety of backlight modules like LED backlight, ELD backlight, CCFL backlight and etc. Among them, the process and the character LED backlight is mature and stable. Its characteristics and advantages are widely acknowledged. Its life can be as long as 100000 hours. The applications include all LCD display panels in home electric appliances, equipment, meters, digital products, liquid crystal modules and display components in auto parts. With the development of LCD products toward brighter, lighter and thinner, side-light and backlight sources have become the mainstream development. The rapid development of IT industry requires LCD industry to introduce new things continuously. Thus LCD products are moving toward diversity and lightness.

  Product Applications
For Measuring Instrument
& Meters
For Car Videos Digital Cameras For Mobile Phones

For GPS Pilot For Measuring ?Instrument & Meter For Stereos

For Technogym For Measuring ?Instrument & Meters For Gas Refilling Machine

For Measuring Instrument & Meters For PDA
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