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    Taizhou MDK Opto-Electro Tech Co., Ltd is an affiliate of MDK Affiliated Companies, located in Wenling Economic Development Zone. As one of Zhejiang Hitch & Innovative Enterprises, it specializes at researching, manufacturing and marketing LED backlight products. MDK Opto-Electro originates from Taizhou Juxin Opto-Electro Tech Co., Ltd. Since its establishment, its products have been accepted in the competitive market for its excellent quality, reasonable pricing and well reputed service.It is now one of the leading professional manufacturers in LED backlight industry. With implanting the advanced managing system as ISO9001, ISO 14000, OHSAS18001, GP and etc, the company has complemented a perfect QC and environment managing system, ensuring a strong support for its product quality.
         The pioneers of the company have quite extensive professional experience and excellent professional skills.The company has a very broad cooperation with several branded colleges. Through a regular technical communication and tech- sharing, academic achievements can be quickly imported into commercial research and mass production, and so as to meet the growing market demand. In the strongly competitive market, the company enjoys a powerful backing of advanced equipment, excellent professional technique and its RD capability, high- quality management personnel and well trained production workers. Keeping up with the world progress, the company is committed to forging ahead, continuous innovation and supplying its customers with the most appropriate products, which guarantees its market share growth. “Tell us your idea and let us do the rest, we guarantee you the best result.” This is MDK our people’s promise and our endless effort. Company Operate Concept:
      ·Supply high quality, low cost and good delivery products and service for win-win with customers;
      ·Provide good training, great development space and good working environment for win-win with        employees;
      ·Operate the business legally, make good achievement and actively participate social benefit        
       activities for win-win with the society;
      ·Build nice cooperative partnership with venders for win-win with venders;
      ·Make reasonable returns for investment for win-win with investors.
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