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One “Reliance”, Four “Supports”

I was born in a peasant family. I started to help my parents do quite lot of farm work after school during my childhood in summer and winter vocations. At that time I already understood that a good harvest comes from great effort.

Years of operating business makes understand deeply: God is my only and real reliance. Government, customers, employees, suppliers are always our supports.

God, you go so far as to activate me, such a humble man. It is You who lifts me up again and again every time when I fall down. It is You who points the way again and again every time when I fall into impasse. I am grateful to you and praise you! I pray for your eternal help, care and guide.

Government, just because of your so good policy of reform and opening-up and the harmonious society you are building up,we are able to operate the business by heart and soul,participate in international competition. We should feel grateful! We will try not to trouble the state and make our business stronger, larger and more stable so as to repay the motherland with excellent economic and social benefits. We are strongly confident that our country is becoming stronger and stronger and our company more and more prosperous!

Clients, it is you who do not mind we are a small and new company and still offer us orders and opportunities. What is more, you give us very import audits, correction and consultancy, which are making us progress. We should feel grateful! We will pay every effort to provide you better quality, more competitive price, satisfactory delivery and service. We are looking forward to greater improvement and new achievement with you together!

Employees, it is you who work hard and stand together with the company and thus has achieved the company’s today, staying indefeasible in the intensified market competition. The enterprise should feel grateful! We will strive to create better and better working environment, better and better training and more and more opportunities for self-development. We will continuously improve the salaries and the welfare for everyone. We are sure that we can do better and fight to catch up with and overtake the industry benchmarks.

Suppliers, you deliver to us products timely with high quality and reasonable price, assuring our regular production and our continuous development. We should feel grateful! We seek for more cooperation opportunities with you to achieve strategic alliance in various areas for mutual benefit. We wish to hold hand in hand with you to make brilliant future together!

We treasure all these and we are grateful to all these! Let’s start our new journey, marching forward to the goal of “Be an esteemed age-long enterprise.”

Group President: Ge Wenzhi

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