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"MDK", "M"means yearning and pursuit of beautiful things and beautiful tomorrow of MDK staffs. "D"means the passion and vitality of MDK staffs. "K"means the fruit of pursuit and passion of MDK staffs.

From the visual point of view, " " looks like a large ship, " " stands for enterprise, " "means staffs are just like family mumbers. is the symbol of enterprise and staffs in a same boat, control the cause and fate,carry forward in the waves of market economy. At the same time, means the humanistic philosophy that enterprise and staffs on the same boat, support each other and improve each other.

Famous master of Chinese culture Wang Guowei used to describe three states of life with three poetry, whereas, the past, the present and the future of MDK Enterprise and MDK staffs are all fit the three states,and it is also another explanation of .

Enterprise logo is to pictographic and moral the three initials of MDK, " "looks like a winding and undulate mountain peak, means the dedication to the goals and the hard operate experience of MDK staffs, the hardship of first state of life "Climbing up the stairs and being lonely on the loft, overlooked the endless distance" is true that the same. But operating business is the same as climbing the mountain,it needs the belief of climb to the top and the persistent of continuous climbing, So that it will be "When stand on the top of Mount.Tai, the other mountains appear so small.",we can be the dominator of the field. ""also looks like the rugged road of life and enterprise operation ,there are wind rain and sunshine, obstacles and smooth, good time and bad time. When in good time, we should not be pride, we should think of danger in times of safety because there isn't a mountain which is the tallest, enterprise can not be existed and improved without innovation. When in bad time, we should not be confused, we should struggle to win because "How can the Plum flower gives off a fragrance scent without passing throw the enduration of bitter cold?"only we strive, we will have the expect of harvest. When the MDK staffs change expects into fruits, it is " Hundreds and thousands of times, for her I searched in chaos, suddenly, I turned by chance, to where the lights were waning, and there she stood.", "The dress takes to loosen gradually and I am more and more emaciated, No regretful plying at all, I am rather for her only distressed as I did."Here "she" is just like the future of MDK, we MDK staffs just need to keep the yearning and pursuit of beautiful things, and he passion and vitality actions, we will certainly usher new commanding point of life career , and smooth future fill with beauty.

No hill is higher than person and no road is longer than foot.

MDK staffs will overcome difficulties, rise greatness, forge ahead roads with the heart of "Endless pursue",passion vitality actions and wise progressive determination.

MDK staffs will certainly with a thankful heart to care about the society and repay the society.

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