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(1) Optical Business:
1. Optical Low Pass Filter——Applied in monitor camera, slim digital camera, SLR digital camera and digital video camera
2. IR / UV-IR Cut Filter——Applied in camera mobile phone, computer video camera, car camera
3. Quartz Crystal Heat Diffusion Plate——Applied in projector and so on.
4. Sapphire Heat Diffusion Plate——Applied in projector and so on.

(2) Cold Processing of Optics
We are possessing excellent craftsmanship, to provide clients cutting, chamfering, lapping, buffing service of material as man-made crystal, optical glass and sapphire.

(3) Photoelectric
LED Backlight——Applied in LCD display panel of ammeter, scale, household appliances, instrument, meter, digital appliance, LCD module, automobile parts and so on.

(4) Electronic
Piezo Quartz Plates——Applied in oscillator, filter and so on.

(5) R&D Manufacturing
Multi-wire cutting machine independently developed by ourselves——Applied in cutting works of man-made crystal, optical glass, sapphire, magnetic materials, single-crystal silicon, multi- crystal silicon and so on.

(6) Optics Film Manufacturing
1. Digital imaging optical coated film components(IR cut-off filter、day&night filter)——Applied in digital camera, video camera, all kinds of monitor and detector.
2. Optical coated components for projection( Polarization splitter, polarization beam splitter, dichroic filter, cold&hot mirror, RGB filter, wide angle reflection, UV/IR filter) ——Applied in DLP、LCD、LCOS projector, scanner, printer, projection television and so on.
3. Optical film coated component for laser device (Crystal wafer coating for laser, double-frequency high reflex coating, double-frequency AR coating) ——Applied in laser equipment and laser component.
4.Bio-medical treatment optical film coated component (narrow band filter, interference filter) ——Applied in fluorescence microscope and bio-medical instruments.
5.Optical fiber communication film component (Fiber head coating, G-LENS coating, single-line fiber filter) ——Applied in FTT, jumping wire, collimator, optical fiber communication component.

(7) Photoelectric Accessories
1. Optical control blanks——Applied in vacuum coating machine optical control system.
2. Coated fixture——Applied in substrate coating.
3. Cleaning fixture——Applied in substrate cleaning

(8) Import&Export Business
1. Import&Export of optical and electronic materials as quartz, crystal bars and optical glass.
2. Import&Export of optical electronic parts, piezo quartz crystal machine and semi-finished products.
3. Import&Export of high-precision optical and electronic product equipments.
4. Import&Export of excipient for optical and electronic produce process.
5. Import&Export of clean room cleaner products.
6. Import&Export of hardware kits.

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